What is Grime Matters?

We are a movement for grimy, filthy underground dubstep and we support all artists. Grime Matters was started to keep dubstep alive and give it the exposure it deserves.


How do we plan on helping and grow this movement?

We’re a Chicago based clothing brand and concert promoter. The dubstep scene and following is bigger in Chicago then most cities. It gives us a good starting point to build a base and branch off of into other states and eventually continue overseas. With Hosting/Co-Hosting shows it gives us the opportunity to keep the current following strong while giving new members the chance to discover artists who may have not received the exposure otherwise. Clothing with the Grime Matters name on it is a simple reminder that dubstep is not dead, nor will it ever be. With all our merchandise available on our online shop it gives you the opportunity to be part of the movement and help us grow it from where you reside at.


Short history:

Grime Matters was started in May of 2015 but was officially established as a business in February of 2016. Since the start the team has nearly doubled in size in order to continue leading this movement at the rate it’s growing at. We look forward to what lies ahead of us and are excited to advance our movement.